Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Unite Policy Conference 2012

United Left delegates from North East, Yorkshire & Humberside made a significant impact upon the Unite Policy Conference held last week at Brighton.
Conference debated and passed motions on issues such as the economy where there was a call for taking banks into public ownership, housing calling for more council house building to create jobs and ease the housing crisis. Defence and energy proved to be the two liveliest debates with anti-nuclear supporters making the case for non nuclear strategies in both sectors but delegates eventually sided with a policy that supports members working in defence and energy industries but does not ignore the political aspirations of those that wish to see a society free from nuclear weapons and power stations.

Among the United Left delegates to speak at conference were Ged Dempsey, Steve Bush and Charlotte Childs. All made important contributions by either moving motions/ amendments and contributing to the wider debate.
This conference was a successful one that saw Unite evidently becoming a union at ease with itself.
This will leave it in good stead to continue the fight back against austerity and with good United Left activists in the fight the future looks good.

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