Tuesday, 7 August 2012

AGM News

The North East, Yorkshire & Humberside United Left met in Leeds on Saturday 4th August for its AGM
The main decisions were to create various positions that would allow United Left to organise more effectively and concentrate on being the progressive driving force for Unite in the region.
Positions voted on were:
 Kevin Donnelly & Dave Allan

Joint Co-ordinators:
Steve Miller & Steve Bush

Area Organising Team:
John Roscoe
Pete Watson
Dick Banks
Martin Mayer
Charles Schieber
Ed Malcolm
Pat McCourt

Community Membership:
Jack Dillon

Some areas are vacant and will be filled by a willing volunteer. The areas vacant are East Yorkshire, North Yorkshire and Teesside.

The purpose of the organising team will be to inform of any political and industrial activity in their area so we can be more proactive in securing support for campaigns or disputes.
Promote unite policy on CLP and Trades Councils.
Identify organising opportunities for the union
Recruit new supporters to United Left and ratify new members to allow attendance at next meeting.

The Co-chairs will be looking at United Left Founding Statement with a view to making improvements.
The idea behind joint co-ordinators is to share workload and divide work up between industrial and political spheres.

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