Thursday, 3 January 2013

General Secretary Campaign Election Meeting

Len McCluskey Unite General Secretary will address an open meeting of Unite members in Leeds during January.

The meeting is being held at:
Yorkshire Ryder Club
Railway Street

Wednesday 16th January 7pm to 9pm

Len's term of office from Jan 2010 has seen:
·                   very rapid progress to consolidate the merger
·                   real leadership in the fight against austerity - UNITE's message is clear: "no to all cuts-don't make workers pay for the crisi
·                   genuine empowerment to members with the branch as the base
·                   branch funding for every branch implemented
·                   £25M dispute fund set up
·                   leverage strategy developed and now major resources devoted to further work
·                   a genuine fighting back strategy that is seeing real wins for UNITE workers when they take strike action
·                   community membership introduced - a first in the union movement
·                   50,000 new members from a relaunched 100% campaign
·                   plans for a new conference/training centre in Birmingham city centre
·                   a real fightback in the Labour Party with a brand new UNITE political strategy - no more blank cheques!
·                   a culture of openness, tolerance and democracy throughout the union
·                   new ecoms strategy giving UNITE the best website and member contact in the union movement
·                   membership data systems overhauled and simplified
·                   no repudiations of any dispute since Len took office
·                   root and branch review started of every UNITE department to make it "fit for purpose"
·                   new impetus to our international work -developing a fighting back organising strategy in all the GUFS
·                   ending the TGWU/AMICUS divide and genuinely uniting our new UNTE union

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