Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Leeds Campaign Meeting Report

Over 150 activists from the North East, Yorkshire & Humberside Region packed the hall of Yorkshire Ryder Club in Leeds on Wedneday 16th January, to hear Len McCluskey the Unite Generasl Secretary explain why he was calling for support to be re-elected as Unite General Secretary.
Highlighting his vision for the future, stating that he felt Unite had finally started to become a union that commands rerspect in the Trade Union movement but still had a long way to go.
Promising that if re elected he would work tirelessly to achieve his aims to benefit working people
A lively Q&A session followed with questions from the floor on: -
·        Labour Party
·        Organising
·        Blacklisting
·        Community Organising

He ended the session with a packed hall applauding one activist said 'a very comradely meeting with plenty of stirring questions and frank answers!' 
Branch Nominations close 15th February with voting period beginning 18th March 2013.

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