Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Sheffield Council cuts will hurt this City

Sheffield Anti-Cuts Alliance warned today that the Government's austerity cuts will really hit working people this year – and £50M Council cuts in April will be only just the start.


“These cuts will really hurt” says Martin Mayer who chairs Sheffield Anti-Cuts Alliance. “Axing childcare facilities like nurseries will impact on Sheffield mums and hurt families hard. Closing libraries and major sports facilities, and slashing funding for vital community support will literally change the face of this city. Taking away council tax benefit for working people on low incomes is yet another example of how austerity is making the poorest people pay for a crisis which is not of their making”


A major demonstration is planned in Sheffield on Saturday 19th January to protest the £3.5M cuts to childcare centres and nurseries many of which will close if the decision is not reversed. The demonstration which is backed by Sheffield Community Forum is supported by Sheffield Anti Cuts Alliance and a number of unions including GMB, UNITE, NUT and UNISON. Thousands of leaflets have been distributed and a big turn-out is expected. “There's a lot of angry mums out there who depend on these services” said Martin Mayer “ and they're determined to come out on Saturday with prams and pushchairs and kids in tow to show how they feel. They are right to be angry. They are seeing for the first time that austerity is really impacting on their lives now”.


Sheffield Anti-Cuts Alliance says austerity is not working. It's unfair and will do major damage to the living standards of working people. Meanwhile the rich and super-rich who are responsible for the crisis get off scot-free. Millionaires get a massive tax handout now the top rate of tax has been slashed (average tax rebate is £47,000 this year!) and big business benefits from a whopping reduction in Corporation tax – with further cuts promised!


There is an alternative. £100B per year is evaded, avoided or uncollected in taxes from the richest in society. A Robin Hood tax on every financial transaction in the City of 0.05% would bring in £20B. Just recovering  a fraction of this money each year would eradicate the deficit without the need for any cuts in public spending at all.

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