Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Unite Greencore Members are an Inspiration

Unite members at Greencore Hull struck for one day in protest at the company's continued attempt to reduce their pay.
Unite says the 600-strong Hull workforce has been angered by the company’s breach of promise to restore pay cuts made in October 2011 which mean a reduction in take-home pay of up to £50 a week.
Unite national officer for the food industry Jennie Formby – who accompanied pickets as they began this morning’s strike at 5am said “The strikers are in really good spirits, there’s real determination here.
“After today, the company must realise that the workers here won’t give up.
“Once people get a taste for fighting back and they realise they don’t have to take this treatment from an employer, all of this makes a difference.”
This week’s strike coincides with the firm’s AGM at which the Chief Executive, Patrick Coveney asked shareholders to authorise bonuses for directors, including €1.7m for himself.

Over 200 pickets gathered to protest outside the site entrance and plan to be there until nightfall.
These workers are determined to regain what should be rightfully theirs already and are now planninmg the second phase of their action.
One worker said "The company need to realise that this isn't going away and when we strike next time they should start listening. In fact it might be more than one day next time"

Unite says the workers agreed to a temporary cut in pay and conditions in 2010 to help the company through economic conditions at the time.
The group last year posted profits worth £70m.
If there is no resolution Unite Community members intend to assist in the dispute and possible methods could include targeting supermarkets which stock Greencore products, such as sandwiches and other convenience foods.

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