Sunday, 17 March 2013

Polestar Chapel Endorsement for McCluskey

As a printworker and member for over 30 years GPM activist and elected representative for over 25 years.

I Will be campaigning for Len McCluskey  to continue his positive and progressive leadership of our union.

In the current industrial and social climate its crucial that we
maintain continuity as UKs leading trade union fighting against
injustice in the workplace and our communities.

Working people are facing insecurity, job losses and a relentless assault against their terms & conditions by employers together with the Govt attacks to weaken employment rights.

Our members and their families are witnessing the decimation of our
cherished NHS, welfare system, local & public services.

We must continue the struggle to make the Labour Party more representative. Where our
activists from the shopfloor and the real world are MPs rather than
from the chattering classes, business and career politicians.

Private equity firms are snapping up firms and squeezing all the time
to make ever bigger profits at expense of workers.

We must be a fighting back union. I welcome the introduction of the
dispute fund and the leverage campaign.

Finally, its work in progress.......
There is much work to be done to ensure working people are treated with fairness and social justice.
Our members and the vulnerable are being clobbered by the Con Dem Government for a crisis that the bankers and fat cat corporations created. The latest injustice being the bedroom tax. Tories victimise their victims. Like they did with the disabled and unemployed after they had shut remploy factories.

We must win an organised workplace. We are stronger together. Where
every member counts and is valued.

I urge you to support Len;so that together and colectively we can work for our members our communities and Unite.

In solidarity

Bro Ged Dempsey
FoC (convenor) & Secretary
Polestar Sheffield - Unite GPM

Member of GPM Nisc and

Polestar Sheffield is the largest workplace & GPM Chapel in the UK
commercial print sector.

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